Seventeen-year-old Brittanee Marie Drexel vanished from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina while on spring break without consent on April 25, 2009. 
Drexel brittanee

Brittanee in 2009.

Her mother thought she was staying at a friend's house near their Rochester, NY home. Brittanee's mom learned where she really was when her boyfriend, John, called her after he abruptly lost phone contact with Brittanee. Her parents immediately grew angry, scared, and devastated when they received word that their daughter was missing. Several calls were made to her phone by her loved ones, although every call failed to yield a response. Her mom, boyfriend and best friend travelled to SC to search for her, but the searches turned up inconclusive. Her phone last pinged in a swampy area before the reception was lost. Searches were conducted in that area, however only a pair of sunglasses were found. It is unknown if they belong to Brittanee.

There are four unnamed persons of interest in this case as of April 2010. There has been no specific evidence against them to tie them to Brittanee's disappearance. Brittanee was last seen on a surveilance camera leaving the Blue Water Resort to go back to the Bar Harbor Hotel where she was staying about a mile away to return her friend's shorts. She never made it as far as the street camera that caught her going to the Blue Water Hotel. This indicates that Brittanee made it less than half-way back to her hotel while texting her boyfriend when she was abducted. Brittanee's case was recently featured on Disappeared on ID (Investigation Discovery).

In late August 2016, a news report was published that Brittanee had been gang-raped for several days, and then shot and killed. The report then says her body was then fed to alligators when the media attention increased.