Celina is just 11 and in 5th grade. She is missing from tiny West Stewartstown,NH pop. 900. The town is just 1 mile from the Canadian border. Several police agencies including the FBI CARD team and RCMP are investigating. Celina was last seen by her parents on Monday July 25,2011 playing on the computer. Police and FBI are searching the computer and phone records for clues. They have also searched a red pickup truck parked next door. Her apartment building has been roped off as well.


"A female's body was discovered Monday in a river less than half a mile from the home of an 11-year-old New Hampshire girl who disappeared almost a week ago, but authorities didn't immediately identify it."

Now,however it has been ID'd as Celina's. Tomorrow at 9AM in Concord,NH her autopsy will be conducted. It has been reported that her body was wrapped up,but police will not comment on the state of the remains. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Her natural father is in the hospital intubated. How do they tell him what happened when he wakes up. I feel so horrible for him. Also as long as I do this it never gets easier to type that a child's body has been found.

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