Handa clark

Three-year-old Clark was abducted from his home in Fairfield, California on the night of August 23, 1984.

His mother discovered the window by his bunk bed open and Clark missing. There was a ransom note at the scene telling Clark's family to meet the kidnappers at a rendezvous point and exchange an undisclosed amount of money for him.

Clark's family complied with the demands from the ransom note, but the kidnappers never arrived and Clark has not been seen since.

Clark's parents separated a month before his abduction. His family is not wealthy and his mother comes from a modest home which makes him an unusual target for a ransom kidnapping.

His family believes that Clark is still alive and he'll return back to them.

Clark goes by the nickname "Tosho" or his middle name "Toshiro." He was last seen wearing a long-sleeved two-tone brown-striped pullover shirt and red pajama pants. He sucked his thumb when he was upset during the time of his abduction.

If you have any information about Clark's abduction, please contact the Fairfield City Police Department.

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