Janet Kramer

Janet Ann Kramer was born on June 3, 1957 and was last seen on January 1, 1971 in Willmar, Minnesota. She was living in a group home for girls when she left to visit family. Janet was only thirteen years old at the time she went missing. She was presumed to have run away.


  • White Female
  • Brown/Auburn Hair
  • Hazel Eyes
  • 5' 0", 120 lb.
  • May wear glasses or contacts

Theories Edit

Although unconfirmed, there is speculation that Janet may have been a companion to "Cheryl Doe" while in Nashville, Tennessee just prior to March 24, 1976, when Cheryl (or "Sherry") was found deceased in a local river. It was learned that Cheryl and her companion claimed to have run away from a youth home while being treated for drug/alcohol habits and suicidal thinking. Cheryl's companion was never located.


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