The documentary Where is Janteyl? examines the mysterious disappearance of 15-year-old Janteyl Johnson of Newark, Delaware. Janteyl was about to become a mom when she vanished February 3, 2010. Sadly, Janteyl's case didn't generate nationwide media attention, in fact, it was barely mentioned locally.

The New Castle County Police in Delaware remain tight-lipped about Janteyl's case, releasing only a few details since 2010. Investigators believe that Janteyl ran away, possibly with an older man, and they could be somewhere in Delaware or Pennsylvania. 

Who is the older man? Did Janteyl really leave on her own? Are investigators any closer to solving this case? The not knowing has been a nightmare for the Johnson family, but they continue to push for answers. They hope that by sharing their story someone will have the courage to come forward with the information they desperately need to finally bring Janteyl home.

The documentary Where is Janteyl? is currently in production. For more information on this project, contact If you have information about Janteyl Johnson call 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-The-Lost ) or the New Castle County Police Department (Delaware) at 1-302-395-8171.

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