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This unrelated girl and boy were abducted from in front of the Jimmy Jackson grocery store on May 10,1992..An unidentified blue compact car with a false convertible top, chrome hubcaps and dark-tinted windows was seen in the area at the time the children vanished. The store they vanished from was 4 miles east of Woodville,MS on highway 24 where the kids were at a mothers day church dinner earlier. LaMoine was from Edgard,LA as was Kreneice.
The children were African american. They were ages 2 and 3. There is a good chance that they are still alive and don't know they were abducted. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Federal Bureau Of Investigation Mississippi State Office 601-684-2500. Their Websleuths thread / Kreniece Charley project / LaMoine Charley project i miss my sister kreneice jones and my brother lamonie allen i want them to come back if any body have them please let us know i sitting down cying thinking about them i love please contact my housse 225-*869-9213

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