11-year-old Lillian and 6-year-old Mylette were last seen in Jacksonville, Florida on August 1, 1974. Their mother left them alone at home at approximately 6:00 p.m. while she went to care for a sick relative. Their father was supposed to arrive home from work at 6:00 p.m., but he got delayed by an hour. When he came home, Annette and Mylette were nowhere to be found and the family dog (who usually had the run of the house), was shut up in a bedroom. The girls were never heard from again.

During that same year, several young girls between the ages of 6 an 12 disappeared from the Jacksonville area. The first girl was Jean Marie Schoen. Virginia Suzanne Helm vanished on September 27, 1974 and Rebecca Ann Greene disappeared on October 12, 1974.

Virginia's body was found a month after her disappearance and Rebecca's body was found three years later. Jean's body and the Anderson sisters' remains were never found. Because the abductions happened in different parts of the city, the authorities do not believe the cases are related.

Investigators theorize that Annette and Mylette were killed by Paul John Knowles, a serial murderer who was later killed by the police in 1974. After his death, they found tape recordings where Knowles said he'd abducted two girls matching the description of Mylette and Lillian, killed them, and buried them in a remote area at the west end of Commonwealth Avenue.

Annette and Mylette attended Louis Sheffield Elementary in 1974. Their cases remain unsolved. Mylette has asthma and a weak heart and if she becomes overexcited or overtired, she will require medication. Lillian suffers from a thyroid condition and requires daily medication. She goes by her middle name, Annette.

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