Collins melissa


Collins jasmine


Seventeen-year-old Melissa Collins and her 7-month-old daughter, Jasmine were last seen leaving their Akron, Ohio apartment on August 8, 1991, walking to a grocery store.

Melissa didn't have any cash or supplies for both her & Jasmine and had no plans to travel anywhere.

The two haven't been seen since. The last person who has claimed to see Melissa and Jasmine was a man named Raymond "Sweet Pea" Smith, who was staying with a woman that sublet her apartment to Melissa & her daughter at the time.

Raymond claims that Melissa and Jasmine left for the grocery store around 7:30pm and he left after they had departed.

Two or three days later after Melissa and Jasmine went missing, Smith came back to the apartment, wearing bloody clothes. He was never charged in the Collins case, plus Raymond had a history of mental disease and drug addiction. Raymond committed suicide a year later in 1992. 

Foul play is suspected in Melissa and Jasmine's cases due to the circumstances involved.

Jasmine has asthma and requires medical attention to treat her. Melissa has a scar on her upper right arm, she has pierced ears & nose, and was wearing a gold chain necklace on the day of her disappearance.

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