Daniels monique

Fifteen-year-old Monique went missing from her home in Moore, Oklahoma on June 2, 1992. Her disappearance wasn't reported until January of 1994 (eighteen months after she went missing).

Her mother and stepfather said they didn't report Monique's disappearance because they thought she ran away and would come back home on her own. Monique's relatives finally filed a missing persons report.

There's evidence that Monique's stepfather tried to cover up her disappearance & there is possible foul play in her case, but no arrests have been made and her case continues to be unsolved.

Monique has a half-moon shaped scar on the outside of her left ankle and a 3-inch scar on her right shin. She has a mole on the upper left side of her lip, her lower incisor tooth is chipped and she occasionally wears blue wire-framed glasses.

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