Eight-year-old Nicole was last seen on July 30, 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She left her mother’s penthouse apartment in The West Mall which is located in Toronto's Etobicoke area and vanished.

There has been no trace of Nicole, who was likely abducted moments after leaving the apartment in the Highway 427 and Rathburn Road area.

At 10:30am, Nicole had gone to the lobby of the 20-story apartment building to pick up the mail. She returned to the apartment and got ready to go swimming with a playmate. Before leaving the apartment Nicole had spoken to a friend through the building's intercom and promised to be right down.

The playmate waited about 15 minutes before buzzing the apartment again to find out why Nicole hadn't arrived. The two girls arranged to meet in the lobby and go to a supervised swimming pool at the rear of the building. About 11:00am, Nicole said goodbye to her mother and left the apartment. No one has seen her since she closed the apartment door and walked into the penthouse hallway.

Nicole has brown hair & brown eyes. She has a birthmark on the right side of her forehead & protruding ears. She also has pierced ears & a gap between her front teeth.

She was last seen wearing a a peach one-pieced bathing suit with colored stripes on the front, a green headband, red canvas shoes and was carrying a peach colored blanket and a purple beach towel.

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