Nyleen kay marshall

Nyleen dissapeared on June 25, 1983, from Clancy Montana. Photograph of the child is shown at the right. The little girl accompianed her family on a picnic outing when she dissapeared. There was an unidentified Man in Wisconsin saying that he had a girl named Kay. The man has never been identified. Nyleen is a Caucasian Female. She has brown hair, blue eyes. At the time of her dissapearence, her height was 3'2, 97 cm. Her weight was 29 lbs, 13 kg. Nyleen was only four years old when she dissapeared. The girl would be 32 years old now. An age - progression at t

Age progression of Nyleen to 25 years.

he lower left is shown to depict what Marshall may look like at age 25.

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