Paul was 14 when his vanished August 14,1976 from Miami,Dade county,FL. He was from CT and was visiting family in Miami. He called his mom that day to ask to come home. His mom said she'd send his uncle to pick him up. Paul headed to the local 7/11 to get a soda,but never made it. He had a serious injury to his left hand. The hand was taped up. He was to have 2 fingers on his left hand amputated when he returned home to CT. He also has a scar on his right hand. It is thought that he might have tried to hitch hike home and was abducted in the process. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5'4" and 110lbs.

EDITORIAL: This poor child was facing life changing surgery and had to be very anxious. As if that were not bad enough he gets abducted. I feel so bad for him.


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