Rhiannon is just 16 and has been missing from her Winsted/Winchester,CT home that she shared with her grandmother. E mails and chats found on her computer indicate 3 boys named Jake,Nick and Sanji wanted to harm her. She,However stated in her note that they were going to help her run to Canada. Her friend posted on Websleuths that he felt she may have gone to with her father and twin brother somewhere in the south and her brother may be hiding her. This in unlikely as I'm sure even as inept as police were in this case they contacted her dad. Police to a break from looking for her for a week because the lead investigator was onVACATION. Yes you read that correctly vacation. That is inexcusable!! A whitness came forward to say say a girl fitting Rhiannon's description was sleeping in a dug out at a local ball field. Why did police not go there right away? Police have also made statements they believe she is dead. She said in her note she was in danger. Rhiannon's picture won't load here for some reason. I am very sorry.