Camacho rosa

Four-year-old Rosa was last seen in Hartford, Connecticut on October 24, 1997. She and her mother, Rosa Delgado left their home at approximately 5:00pm to walk to a local store together and shop for groceries (which was located in the 60 block of Madison Avenue).

Delgado left her infant daughter at home in the care of a sister when she left with her oldest daughter.

A witness saw Rosa's father and Delgado's former boyfriend, Julio J. Camacho speaking to them on a street corner in their Parkville area neighborhood prior to their disappearances.

In November of 1997, one month after Rosa and her mother went missing, a woman's body was found floating in 3 feet of water in Columbia Lake in western New Jersey with her hands & head missing. Authorities were unable to identified the deceased woman's body and called her "The Lady of the Lake." In 1999, DNA results proved that the remains of "The Lady of the Lake" was Rosa Delgado.

There haven't been any arrests in either Rosa's disappearance or Delgado's murder, but Julio has been named the prime suspect.

At the time Rosa and her mother went missing, Julio was a police officer in Hartford, but he resigned from the department in 1998.

In 2001, Julio pled guilty to the 1997 rape of a Connecticut woman. Since then, there have been numerous complaints from alleged female victims accusing Julio of sexual misconduct. Julio reportedly asked his brother to submit a false alibi for him after Rosa and Delgado went missing.

Authorities discovered a handmade hatchet and wire garrote in Julio's house after they disappeared, but it's not known if the instruments were involved in Rosa or her mother's cases.

Rosa Delgado's murder remains unsolved along with her daughter, Rosa Camacho's disappearance.

Rosa's nickname is "Rosita" and at the time of her disappearance, she spoke Spanish and may speak English. She was last seen wearing a black jacket and blue pants.

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