Sarah disappeared from her Wayland,MA yard in October 1985. She was just 9. I was 11 at the time. I lived in Douglas aprox. 42mi. away. That is less than a 1 hour drive. Sarah's disappearence scared me very much. I always wondered what happened to the smiling blond little girl who's picture was on my tv every night for so long. Then in Jan. of 1998 Her picture reappared on my tv this time the story was that a fragment of her skull had been positively id'd by DNA. It had been found in the woods near the Weston,MA line in 1995. I was shocked and saddened but not surprised. I was also excited and hopeful that we would then learn who Sarah's killer was. That has not happened yet. I want to know for her family but also for selfish reasons. I want to know who made my small country town world feel not so safe anymore. I will never forget Sarah and I know that many other kids who grew up here in Ma at the time of her abduction and murder won't either.