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Eight-year-old Shy'Kemmia was last seen near her house in Unadilla, Georgia on the evening of September 4, 1998.

Her family was planning on attending a football game that evening and her older sister went to get gas for her car and pick up Shy'Kemmia. When the sister came back from the gas station, Shy'Kemmia was missing.

Authorities have received a lot of tips regarding her disappearance, but there hasn't been any solid evidence located to guide them to Shy'Kemmia's whereabouts. A neighbor named Quentin "Droopy" Kendrick was considered a suspect in her disappearance, but he is not believed to have been involved. Shy'Kemmia has not been seen since.

Shy'Kemmia was last seen wearing a neon-green button down Atlanta Braves jersey with red lettering, Levi's jeans and white K-Swiss sneakers. She had braided extensions in her hair during the time of her disapperance. Her hair also twirled in the front with 10 to 12 gold beads in the section. She has pierced ears and a surgical scar along her waistline. She also suffers from asthma and needed at-home breathing treatments in 1998.

Shy'Kemmia's nickname is "Shy Shy." She is described as an outgoing child who loved getting new clothes and skating. She was also involved in her family's church. The neighborhood where Shy'Kemmia resided in had a high crime rate and authorities believe that she was abducted by someone she was familiar with at the time.

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